Elite Performance in Extreme Driving Conditions

Valor ceramic brake pads are appreciated for their long lifespan, as well as their stable and consistent performance throughout their operating life. They produce finer, lighter coloured dust which doesn’t stick to wheels, therefore, guarantees clean wheels. Moreover, they are less abrasive thus are easier on the rotors and are quieter than the metallic pads.
Valor ceramic brake pads are designed for extreme driving conditions with high stopping power.

Less Vibration More Power

Our engineers have applied a three-layer shim and OE backing plates for maximum absorption of vibrations and reduction of noise. They are also post-cured for consistent and longstanding performance.

All ceramic brake pads offer key features like;

• Valor’s ceramic brake pads are created for extreme driving conditions with smooth and maximum stopping power.  • Each product offers high-quality performance due to its world-class engineering design.
• They are post-cured for consistent performance throughout the service life of the brake pad.
• 100 % thermal scorched for easy bed-in and removal of the initial cold effects.
• The products are 100 percent positive molded.
• The OE backing plates’ precise fit effectively reduce the vibration induced noise.
• Their premium 3 layers shims have been engineered to absorb vibration and reduce noise to the maximum.
• Valor offers 12months/20,000 miles warranty * for its brake pads.








Ceramic Brake Pads Process

Valor Ceramic Brake Pads are the product of a highly advanced process that allows for a cleaner and smoother braking. It gives users the assurance of braking to a full stop without any hassle and whenever needed. Ceramic Brake pads are made from a key formula using pure ceramic fiber that promises durability and efficient braking.

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