Designed for Heavy Duty Vehicle & Rough Surfaces

For a guarantee of longer wear life, endurance in harsh conditions and heavy duty action, our CV Brake Pads have been designed with semi-metallic materials. They are also aligned with OE specification and are slotted to remove dirt and dust.

Advanced Technological Materials

Built with high quality carbon steel and/or cast iron backing plates, our CV Brake Pads deliver superb friction control that is ideal for heavy-duty, off-road and highway vehicles. Have complete confidence on rough surfaces and extreme conditions as our CV Brake Pads are supported by excellent temperature stability and fade resistance.

These CV Brake Pads offer key features like;

• Scorched for easy bed-in and removal of the initial cold effects.
• Each product has been designed with high-quality carbon steel and/or cast iron backing plates for excellent bonding with the friction.
• Their optimum quality brake pads are ideal for heavy duty and off road/highway vehicles.
• The products are known for their great temperature stability and fade resistance under aggressive driving conditions.
• 100 percent non-asbestos formulas.
• Slotted to help remove dirt and dust and increase cooling in the central hot areas.
• The positive molded feature ensures durability with less dusting and optimal stopping performance.
• 12 months/20,000 miles warranty *.








CV Brake Pads Process

Valor CV Brake Pads come from a pioneering formula composed of a semi-metallic mixture that is approved from world-class international standards and guidelines. Our team of highly-skilled engineers has developed a highly advanced process of Positive Molding Technology with 100 percent thermal scorching and the application of an OE backing plate style. The result is a fully durable brake pad that can adjust to any weather condition—cold, hot, tropical—with less dust accumulation and full stopping power guaranteed.

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