Valor Brakes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality, superior endurance and peak performing braking system products for cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles.

We’ve made it our mission to lead innovation in creating exceptional brakes that support the driving experience of all vehicles, whilst promising safety and high performance in all circumstances.

Our specialist engineers have spent hours in our labs designing, developing and testing what are now the industry best brakes and accessories. Our team strives for excellence and in doing so, leaving no detail unconsidered or material untested. We integrate scientific knowledge, technological advancements, and the industry’s best procedures to guarantee brakes that go unmatched for quality and performance.

Since years back, Valor Brakes has become a popular choice among vehicle users, engineers and mechanics. We supply our range of high performance and long-lasting brakes globally and comply with international safety standards and procedures.

At Valor we take seriously the safety and facilitation of an efficient braking system for our clients. Undoubtedly, brakes are the most critical aspect of any vehicle; life-saving, security facilitating, performance enhancing and control assistance are the major benefits of braking systems and all elements we work toward enhancing.

We adhere to creating long-life, high endurance and top quality brakes and accessories for every product we manufacturer. Additionally, we apply the most advanced technological manufacturing processes and scientifically proven materials to achieve the most powerful braking system available in the market.

We have made it our mission to pioneer advancements in the brake. By consistently delivering top quality brakes and accessories, we’re providing a reliable and trustworthy service that our clients can depend on.

Being a client-focused company is another facet of our mission. We are happy to assist clients, make the right choices with a dedicated customer service that makes the whole process from order to receipt of our products comprehensive, easy and cost-effective.

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