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Valor’s extensive range of disk rotors offer the best airflow for better cooling, less fade and longer rotor and even longer termed pad life.

Valor offers a diverse portfolio of disk rotors that guarantee optimized durability and prevent brake judder and noise, among others.

All of our disk rotors offer key features like;

• Extreme low tolerances of maximum 30 µm for lateral worn out and maximum 10 µm for thickness variation are aimed to prevent imbalance and radial wear out.
• This contributes to extending the service life of the wheel suspension and wheel bearings.
• Industry best airflow feature results in better cooling, less fade, longer rotor abilities and durable pad life.

Disc Rotor Process

Valor’s team of engineers understand the need of users to drive vehicles with optimum ventilation advantages. The result is a diverse offering of Disk Rotors that offer best airflow benefits. Each unit undergoes slotting. Our Disk Rotors are formulated efficiently to guarantee durability, less fading action and safe driving for any driver in the region.

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