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Stop Firmly in Your Tracks

Our low metallic brake pads are famous for their high thermal threshold and their exceptional ability of drawing heat away from the rotor aiding in more efficient brake cooling, thanks to their premium quality formula. They are also long-lasting and durable and are known for their high versatility. Moreover, Valor’s low metallic brake pads positive molding and thermo-scorched manufacturing gives a more consistent braking power reducing the initial brake-in time.

The Science Behind It

Valor’s Low Metallic Brakes are scorched to improve cold efficiency and have been engineered complete with OE back plates and clear brake surfaces to significantly increase brake bite. 100% positive molded non-asbestos formulated they are also chamfer edged for sound free braking.

Valor’s Low Metallic
Brake Pads are;

• Guaranteed with shorter stopping distances as they offer high pedal feel with optimum stopping power under standard driving conditions.
• It is scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and easy bed in.
• With non-asbestos formulas, the products are positive molded.
• Shimmed to ensure squeal-free braking.
• 12 months/20,000 miles warranty is offered.








low-metallic Brake pads Process

To ensure that all valor brake pads maintain its seal of excellence and world-class quality, our fully trained team of engineers have developed a highly advanced manufacturing process like positive molding technology, slotting, chamfered edging, 100 percent thermal scorching, and the application of an OE backing plate style. The process falls in line with international standards and guidelines – resulting in the smooth finish and guaranteed safety and security of Valor’s brakes.