Exceptional Performance in Harsher Climates

Organic brake pads (also known as NAO, or non-asbestos organic) are eco-friendly and are made from a special all natural materials formula. They generate a moderate amount of friction without much heat being present, making them suitable for drivers who use their cars for normal driving and commuting. Organic brake pads also tend to be quiet and produce less dust than metallic pads. Moreover, Valor organic brake pads are soft enough to not put much stress on the brake rotors, which is a plus because brake rotors can be costly to repair or replace if damaged.

Outstanding Eco-Friendly Performance

Get day-long ultra clean wheels from our low dust formula. Our Organic Brakes have an extensive lifespan that’s facilitated by hard pads that provide ultimate efficiency and a great choice for reliable performance. Made with 100% organic compounds, our Organic Brakes are completely asbestos free.

All organic brake products offer the industry's best features like;

• Low dust, long life with daylong ultra clean wheels.
• 100 percent eco-friendly.
• Consistent original equipment performance.
• Hard pads for longer life.
• Absorbs noise and vibration for optimal braking.
• 100 percent thermal scorched for easy bed-in and the removal of the initial cold effect.
• 100 percent non-asbestos formula composition.
• The 12 months/20,000 miles warranty * is offered.








Organic Brake Pads Process

Valor Organic Brake Pads’ high resistance to heat can be attributed to the pioneering technology used in its manufacture. Valor’s Positive Molding Technology—a highly advanced process that allows for a cleaner and smoother braking. All Organic Brake Pads are eco-friendly giving users the advantage of on-point braking with less squeal and dust accumulation.

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