There is no surface from city roads, country lanes, constructions sites, highways or any others that has not been considered by our engineers in the design and testing stage. Valor Brakes provide efficient brake power for all terrains from the smoothest to the most aggressive to ensure safety and high-quality performance under all circumstances.

Not only do we ensure an excellent driving experience regardless of the terrain, but we also focus on limiting damage, wear and malfunction by using high-quality materials and implementing innovative formulas that strengthen and protect your brakes.

The friction brakes experience when coming into contact with the rotor is a common cause of vibrations and noise whilst braking. Our three-layer shim brakes provide high-quality noise control throughout the entire braking process for a more pleasurable driving experience. Additionally, unlike products such as brake lubricants, they do not suffer from issues such as drying out or displacement and thus reduce the need for and cost of repairs.

Each shim layer is made of a high-quality polymer-coat metal alloy that guarantees outstanding noise reduction. Get brakes that are made from a three-layer shim technology to significantly reduce brake vibrations and noise to a level that will go undetected.

Combining scientific methods, technological advancements and innovative designs we have created Valor Brake Pads and accessories that go unmatched within our industry. We have implemented our very own Digital Mixing Machine into the manufacturing process that permits us the full capacity to ensure the highest standards of quality and the ability to rigorously inspect safety elements.

At Valor we are able to guarantee stable performance by having a digital mixing machine that enables surgical precision in design and consistency in the application of our high standards.

Unlike most brake manufacturer we have set our standards higher by using positive mold technology on all our brakes. A large majority of brakes are produced by flash mold, which uses resin to bind the components of the pad. Unfortunately, resin begins to evaporate as the brakes are heated which then increases stopping distance by 40-50%.

Positive Mold unlike resin creates a unified density of the brake pad and produces an improved fade capacity that greatly enhances stopping performance. Positive Mold provides us with the technology to guarantee consistent wear and performance characteristics throughout the life of the brake pads.

Thermal scorching our brake pads ensures a higher level of performance consistency and increased friction levels. This gives drivers the benefit of a complete bed-in of new pads and significantly increased stopping power that’s highly responsive. Our pads are then pre-cured to ensure that they are immediately ready for performance.

At Valor we only manufacturer 100% thermal scorched products to further accelerate professional high-speed break-in and enhance vital friction performance by removing excess materials developed during the manufacturing process.

As backing plates serve as a critical foundation of brake shoes, we’re improving the level of friction needed for stopping power and restoring the drum brake system to peak performance.

Our OE backing plates are expertly designed to hold backing plates in place, ensuring reliable and flawless performance. As each plate is made with high-quality friction material stopping power is greatly enhanced. Additionally, to prevent premature damage or need for replacement, our backing plates are corrosion resistant for a longer life.

Repeated heavy braking will increase the temperature of your breaking systems and cause a layer of dust and gas to develop from the friction. Our specially designed slotted rotors enable an efficient escape for these matters. This facilitates improved brake bite and consistent brake performance. Our slotted system also reduces brake fade to maintain a high-quality stopping power.

This technology essentially keeps your brakes clean and free from all types of foreign materials that inhibit peak performance so that drivers are guaranteed high braking performance regardless of speed or surface.

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