We recommend that you directly contact your point of sale for all information related to orders, delivery, fees and special conditions. We will be able to answer any enquiries regarding the standards, quality, functions and performance of our products.


We are able to supply Valor Brakes products worldwide, as our products adhere to international standards of safety and compliance. We also offer free and amendable delivery rates. Please contact us to find out more about stocking Valor Brakes products.


Our team of experts are here to assist you make the right choice of brakes that are best suited to your vehicle, use and expected road conditions. We are happy to help you assess you needs, brief you on the benefits of each product and answer any questions that you may have.
We do not have an in-house sales team, as all Valor products are sold by wholesale distributors, retailers and installers.
We encourage customers to contact their relevant point of sale for purchase information and we are happy to assist clients with product related information.


Valor Brakes and our distributors and vendors consistently maintain a high stocking of brake products to ensure a short delivery time once a client order has been placed. We have readily available stock for loading and immediate installation. Visit our product range pages to select the product that interests you and get in touch with your closest Valor Brakes operator.

We provide all of our selected distributors and partners with marketing support for Valor Brakes. All materials for sales, promotions and client relations will be made readily available to support your business and increase your sales potential. This includes brochures, posters, catalogues and other printed material as and when available.

We will also make sure to keep you updated on any changes to information or printed materials provided to ensure you have the latest information to be able to efficiently handle client queries.


In order to improve market presence, increase the client interaction and professionally present our brand to prospective clients, we consistently make available a variety of Valor Brakes merchandise for our partners and distributors.

Our merchandise includes top quality and thoughtfully designed items such as:
> Coffee mugs
> T-shirts
> Caps
> Bags
> Display Clocks

Our distributor’s sales kit includes all the information that you need to know regarding features, benefits, safety, standards and other important aspects of Valor Brakes. It’s a complete and comprehensive guide that will assist you to quickly and accurately handle your clients’ queries and understand the internal working of Valor Brakes. Our Sales kits include the company’s profile, selected brochures and catalogues.
To avail to these marketing materials, please contact us at info@valorbrakes.com

We remain fully committed to providing our customers with the best products combined with the promise of optimal performance. To help give our clients the confidence and security of a world-class product, Valor Brakes offers a full one year or 20,000 miles replacement warranty on all its offered products.
The Valor Brakes product warranty covers defects in any of the materials or workmanship. We will replace or refund at purchase value only-- excluding labor and ancillary charges like collection, fitting, inconvenience and purchase of other similar products. Please note that in making warranty claims, the original purchase receipts may be requested by Valor.

We host several workshops and seminars throughout the year to assist Valor partners and distributors to obtain detailed knowledge on our brakes. These seminars will enable you to familiarize yourselves with the products sufficiently to present effective sales pitches and demonstrate a deep understanding of the product to potential clients.

We have set standards for the manner in which our brand is represented, as we rely on and intend to uphold our exceptional reputation. Trusted by car manufacturers, engineers and mechanics, it is essential that we uphold a transparent and trustworthy supply of information and insist that our partners and distributors assist our efforts to uphold our growing and positive market presence.

> E-Marketing
Valor is here to assist you improve your business offering, leads and sales of Valor Brakes and accessories. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your business is successful and achieves a high profit margin from the supply and sale of Valor items.

Our marketing team has been trained to assist you with all essential information for your websites, e-brochures, e-catalogues and multi-media content such as images and videos. Additionally, we will assist you improve your presence within your local market so that potential clients and prospects are aware of your presence and products offerings.

There’s no need to worry about technological experience or skills as our team will be able to take you through the E-marketing processes for your complete ease and comprehension. We will also assist you adhere to our corporate standards for Valor Brakes presentation.

What are the key features of Valor Brakes?
Valor Brakes are designed for high performance, exceptional stopping power and reliability. We have implemented the highest quality materials and used the most advanced technological procedures to create the industry’s best brakes and accessories. Please click on any of our products to see a detailed list of features, benefits and quality standards.

What is positive molding and how does it help in improving braking?
Unlike most brake manufacturers, we have set our standards higher by using positive mold technology on all our brakes. A large majority of brakes are produced by flash mold, which uses resin to bind the components of the pad. Unfortunately, resin begins to evaporate as the brakes are heated which then increases stopping distance by 40-50%.

What is the difference between ceramic and semi-metallic brakes?
Ceramic brakes are often chosen for the exceptional durability and longevity and thus require less maintenance. Generally speaking, Ceramic brake pads are one of the quietest brakes available, they generate a low amount of dust to keep your car cleaner.

Semi-metallic brakes are chosen for their high performance in colder conditions whilst also performing as efficiently in heat. Their light-weight also makes them more effective for frequent stopping and starting, as is the case with driving in cities.

What warranties are offered for Valor products?
At Valor we offer a generous warranty of 1 year or 20,000 miles. Clients are able to request replacement or a purchase price refund for any defects to material or functionality. Please see our warranty page for further details.

Where are Valor Brakes supplied?
Valor Brakes are able to supply products to any location across the globe. We are compliant with international standards of safety and thus we are able to ship our brakes and accessories to a large number of countries. Please contact us for further details regarding your specific location.

Who can become a distributor of Valor Brakes?
Our brand image and market presence is of utmost importance, that’s why we carefully select our partners and distributors who represent our products. Please see our distributors page for the request form.

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