Military Efficiency for Record Braking Performance

Valor’s V force brake pads are very highly appreciated for their extreme stopping power, making them suitable for armored vehicles and racing car activities. They can withstand extremely high temperatures and are conditioned for the harshest environments while not sacrificing the low noise, low fade and low dust characteristics that Valor Brakes is known for.

Light Performance for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Our V-Force Brakes provide maximum control at shorter distances with a highly responsive break reception. You’ll get maximum torque and stop power in the lowest time. Valor’s V-force Brakes dynamic torque control brake technology provides superior release and control. V-Force is also complete with high-quality mechanic bond retention material to increase the strength of friction integrated materials.

All V-Force Brake Pads offer extensive features like;

• Minimum noise with maximum torque and stopping power, specifically for heavy and armored-type vehicles and racing cars.
• The V-Force Brake Pad has been specifically developed for armored vehicle units-- giving users maximum control with shorter stopping distances.
• Scorched for easy bed-in and removal of the initial cold effect. It is manufactured with original high-quality materials. The materials are fitted with mechanical bond retention to increase the strength of the friction material.
• A composition of 100 percent non-asbestos formulas.
• There is a 12months/20,000 miles warranty *.








V-Force Brake Pads Process

Valor V-Force is a powerful braking unit that has fully reliable braking power—especially for armored vehicles and racing cars that have outstanding with stopping power requirements. It has been engineered to perfection through Valor’s pioneering advanced technology process and the positive molding technology. Each unit is processed under international standards and involves slotting, chamfered edging, 100 percent thermal scorching, and the application of an OE backing plate style.

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